TS&TT: David Mitzenmacher | SBC, Antisemitism Awareness Act & Religious Liberty

June 07, 2024 00:34:38
TS&TT: David Mitzenmacher | SBC, Antisemitism Awareness Act & Religious Liberty
The Sword & The Trowel
TS&TT: David Mitzenmacher | SBC, Antisemitism Awareness Act & Religious Liberty

Jun 07 2024 | 00:34:38


Show Notes

Today on The Sword & The Trowel podcast, Tom Ascol and Graham Gunden are joined in the studio by David Mitzenmacher, Associate Pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, FL. They discuss the resolution David submitted to the Southern Baptist Convention, why it was rejected, and then dive into the broader issues of antisemitism, religious liberty and evangelism.

SHOW NOTES: David's Resolution on the Antisemitism Awareness Act: https://centerforbaptistleadership.org/the-anti-semitism-awareness-act-threatens-baptist-beliefs-about-the-bible-and-religious-liberty/

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